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Man Files Police Report Against No-Show Prostitute →

a 26 year old man from Anhui province, China came in to file a police report against a prostitute he had connected with on the internet, but never showed up.

Tagged: anhuianhui provincechinaprostitute安徽

An ad from CCTV uses an out-of-control panda to show tourists how not to act →

The Chinese government hopes the short advert will convince people to behave – although the strange panda thing may just end up confusing everyone instead.

Tagged: pandapandascctvchinese中国

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford asked to leave another polling station →

According to the provincial law, candidates are allowed in polling stations on voting days, so long as they don’t campaign.

Tagged: toronto mayor rob fordrob fordtorontocanadaelections



Tagged: floridarick scottconan o'brienbill clintonmeme

Couple hospitalised after sex in the sea left them stuck together →

Tagged: sex in the citysexitaliaitalyfunny news

Man Woke Up From Colonoscopy Wearing Pink Panties: Lawsuit →

Tagged: victoria's secretfunnydelawaredr housethe pink panther



Tagged: conan o'briencaliforniamarijuanaweedfirefighter

BREAKING NOSE NEWS: Andy Richter Sneezes

Tagged: breaking - top storiescnn newsconan o'brien

Ford Flakes gives mayor breakfast cereal treatment →

Tagged: rob fordtorontocanadacorn flakesdoug ford

Obama's credit card declined at restaurant →

"I was trying to explain to the waitress ‘No, I really think that I’ve been paying my bills.’"

Tagged: obamabarack obamanycnew yorknew york city